“BRICK ART” Teatro Celebrazioni Bologna

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An exhibition that brought the original art of LEGO bricks to a unique, unexpected, and spectacular location. The foyer, the corridors, the stalls, the stage of the theater hosted over forty works for a total of over three million bricks.

The exhibition is a hymn to joy: a new, colorful and fantastic world, capable of involving adults and children. The works of art are about objects of everyday life, from foods, such as apples and pears, to women’s obsessions, such as handbags and shoes; from jubilant animals, like a squirrel looking not for hazelnuts but for red hearts, a rabbit that will pop out of a hat and a polka dot goat with sunglasses, to colorful soap bubbles.

Not to miss on the stage with the giant installations of animals, always in a fantastic version: from “Lillo”, the crocodile intent on enjoying a good ice cream, to “Hippo Wash”, the two hippos in the bathtub, up to “Unicuore”, the giant unicorn, the real star of the exhibition.

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